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Tipus de publicació

Source Type o Tipus de publicació

Journal: Any serial publication with an ISSN, with the exception of trade journals, book series, certain proceedings, newsletters, secondary sources or patent publications. Usually a scholarly / academic serial publication in any field. A journal can have various physical formats (e.g. print, electronic).


Book Series: A serial publication with a series title, an ISSN, and for which every volume and/or issue in the series is also a book and has an ISBN. Usually, but not always, each book has a book title separate from the series title and (a) different editor(s). Each book is most often a monographic publication. The series is usually published irregularly.


Conference Materials: Conference material enters Scopus in two different ways: as special issues of regular journals; or in the form of dedicated conference proceedings. Proceedings can be published as a serial or non-serial, and may contain either the full articles of the papers presented or only the abstracts.